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Bathroom Renovations

At Just Bathrooms we believe in service and in making the entire renovation process a stress-free pleasant experience that sees a tired old bathroom transformed into a thing of beauty and a joy forever. Our main aim is to create beautiful bathrooms that meet all of your requirements, and to do this in a 5-day timeframe. All trades are in-house, plumbing, tiling, carpentry, electrical and interior design, so we can guarantee fluidity of work and the highest quality of workmanship by craftsmen who take great pride in every aspect of the job.
Every detail of the bathroom is decided before any work commences and C.A.D. drawings are made up to show positioning and spacing in your bathroom.
Each bathroom renovation is a highly organised procedure, starting every Monday morning with tile and material deliveries and ending on Friday evening with the final clean up, grand tour and a little bubbly for our clients to celebrate another perfect renovation, on time and on budget.

Just Bathrooms Standard Practice

Cleaning and general tidiness at work is very important to us, we appreciate that we are not on a building site, but in some ones home so we go to great lengths to maintain a tidy environment.
As soon as we first arrive on site all areas leading to the bathroom are covered in dust sheets and all outside work areas are covered in plastic to protect driveways or tarmac.
In the evenings, after we leave, our clients home returns to a normal, clean, work free, and dust free environment with no evidence of a job in progress.
Dust Control
It is inevitable when a renovation is in progress that a certain amount of dust is created, usually on the first day when removing all the old tiles. We do our very best to keep dust to a minimum by sealing all doors in close proximity to the bathroom with masking tape and by using a large dust extraction unit piped out through the bathroom window to remove the excess dust.
Shower Sealing
In all of our bathrooms it is normal practise to water proof all shower areas with a water proof tanking solution before tiling. Also In upstairs bathrooms we use fibre glass on all wall and floor corners as this will prevents the grout from cracking in later years and will also create a stronger and more water tight structure.
Recessed Shelving and Storage
Bathrooms have to be practical as well as beautiful, so storage is a very important aspect of every transformation. When you are standing in the shower you do not want to be hitting your elbows on shelves or baskets, so we have made it a signature of all our bathrooms to build beautiful recessed storage areas with central glass shelves and recessed spot lights.
These can be installed in showers , by the sink, where ever you wish.
Quite often our clients like to have mirrored storage cabinets over their sinks, but do not want them coming out 6 inches from the wall so similarly we sink these units into the wall and finish the doors flush with the surrounding tiles.
Wet Rooms
We can create a wet room for you in any situation, concrete floors, wooden floors, its makes no difference. If you have wooden floors we would create a custom made fibre glass drainage area that would strengthen the existing floor and create a totally water proof wet room area that can be tiled in any style that you wish.
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